Some local political candidates and their supporters offered fresh disclosures detailing late contributions and spending last week, while a handful of others offered a late accounting of the contributions they have received.

Candidates are required to detail contributions received between October 1 and October 20 and outside groups, expenditures in a report due October 25, though those who raise less than $1,000 are exempted from the requirement. Contributions and expenditures of $1,000 or more than occur after October 20 are to be reported within 24 hours until Election Day.

Alameda’s teacher and firefighter unions have opened their checkbooks for local candidates over the past several weeks, spending more than $30,000 on campaign literature and lawn signs for the candidates they support, newly filed campaign disclosures show.

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Candidates for local Board of Education and Alameda Health Care District Board seats are raising and spending far less than Alameda’s City Council hopefuls, with most of the candidates pledging to spend less than $1,000 on their campaigns.

Alameda’s City Council candidates have collected and spent less so far on this election than their counterparts did in 2010, campaign disclosure statements obtained by The Alamedan show.

Stewart Chen leads the fundraising pack, having pulled in $18,888 according to his disclosure form, followed by Jane Sullwold, with $12,202. Jeff Cambra raised $11,268 and Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, $10,288, though records show Ezzy Ashcraft has accrued $6,500 more in bills than she raised by the end of the reporting period.

Donor disclosures: Assembly candidate Abel Guillen

Alameda Elections '12

Donor disclosures: City Council candidiate Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

Alameda Elections '12

Donor disclosures: City Council candidate Jeff Cambra

Alameda Elections '12

Donor disclosures: City Council candidate Gerard Valbuena Dumuk

Alameda Elections '12

Donor disclosures: City Council candidate Jane Sullwold

Alameda Elections '12

ALAMEDA ELECTIONS '12: Guillen's campaign contributions

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Here's a list of campaign contribution Abel Guillen received for his Assembly District 18 run through June 30, 2012.

Source: California Secretary of State's office